Μέλι από μέλι. Honey from honey. My grandmother really couldn’t have put it better when she described how sweet our little ones are. 

Mīere was born out of our desire to create a capsule of everyday essentials that really last the distance for our little ones. The days might be long, but the weeks (and months!) are short, and we don’t want you to be constantly thinking about investing in the next size up. Our core collection has been designed with that in mind - exceptional quality, and a relaxed fit that your little love can grow into.

At Mīere we strive for design perfection and no one does that better than mother nature.  With this in mind our collection is made using natural fibres, and sustainable materials such as organic cotton and bamboo.

We’re very proud to share each piece with you and yours. You’ll find more information about the composition of each item on their individual product pages.

With comfort top of mind for these little essentials, we put each and every piece to the test with our little boy, before giving it the final tick of approval. 

We hope you love what we’ve created as much as we do.